The Evolution

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I came up with the idea of Blaire’s Decision after discussing our recent hiking trip and daydreaming about the concept of being able to hike all the time, as in being a hiking guide. When I started writing Blaire’s Decision, it was going to be a standalone story. But after some research into what readers like and want — series, more about the side characters — I decided to follow Blaire’s story with Lucy and Holden’s beginning and then with Del and Charlie’s love affair.

It only seemed natural for Lucy to meet Holden at her own B&B, so that setting was already in place with Ben (from Blaire’s Decision) staying at her establishment when arriving back in BlackRock Valley. I won’t spoil the reason for Holden’s visit, but I will say that while Lucy is showing him around, their love develops deeper than either would have imagined possible. They both felt like their lives were complete, that they had everything they wanted out of life. But as anyone can attest, life doesn’t always go as planned, and when a new path opens up to you, sometimes you need to see where it goes.

For the third book in the series, we explore what was only briefly mentioned in Blaire’s Decision with Del and Charlie’s love affair. Del was a traveler living off an inheritance that had set her up for life. She loved visiting places for weeks or months at a time and then moving on to explore new towns and cities to see what they had to offer. Upon coming to BlackRock, she never imagined she’d fall in love with not just the town but a man almost twice her age, one who was well past set in his ways and also never thought he’d fall in love again. Their meeting was kismet; their falling in love unexpected; but were they actually meant to be together forever or were they two passing ships destined for different ports? 

Lucy’s B&B is set for release in the late fall of 2021. And with the help of the writing muses, Delilah’s Path will be coming shortly after that with a goal of late winter 2022. 

Happy reading, Beauties.