Songs of His Poet

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What’s the one thing that conquers all…
that heals…
that we would fight for…
die for…

Jackson thought his life was whole, established, that he didn’t need a
woman to complete him. That is, until he saw a curvy redhead walk
into his vision. Now, he will do anything to show Randy that her past
doesn’t define her, that she is more than the scars she bears.

Randyll has spent her life pushing people away, and she’s gotten quite
good at it. So when Jack saunters into the bookstore where she does
monthly readings from her books, she wants nothing to do with the highbred
architect trying to intrude into her well-crafted misery.

Will Jackson’s love be enough to help her heal, or will Randyll push him
away with her determination to grieve the life that was stolen from her?


Written for readers 18+ only for its adult content


Possibly trigger warning:

The FMC, Randyll, deals with heavy internalized grief from past
trauma; that which references suicide but the contents of which
are not heavily explored, only implied.

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