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A story of two women on opposite sides of all things
—confidence, charisma, lifestyle, goals, dreams—
yet somehow they gravitate towards each other, finding the other
spellbinding, wanting and needing to know what and how she
thinks, feels, lives, loves…

But are they really meant for each other?
Is this chance meeting at Reflections, a women’s only retreat, the
start of a beautiful relationship or to find happiness only for now?
Is it true love blossoming, or are they meant only to help the
other find the reflection needed to become a better woman?

Nora and Emily have one month to figure that out.


This short and sweet romance set in the middle of the
mountains is a perfect destination for our characters to
find themselves again.

However, you’ll not find deep-reflected health retreat activities;
this story is meant for the connection between Nora and Emily,
not to be focused on how they find themselves, but that they do.


Reflections is an Instalove meant for readers 18+ only because of its adult content

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