POVs and Why We Choose Them

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First, a refresher:

First person POV is the I/we perspective.
It’s when, as the narrator, the characters talk about themselves, their opinions, and things happening to them directly, things they see, feel, hear, et cetera, and their perspective of those things. 

Second person (which you’ll rarely see in fiction) is the you perspective.
This POV belongs to the person being addressed. If you find this in a fiction book, it’ll be the character speaking to the reader. Not a bad style; it could bring the reader into the story. But not a POV you want to stick with throughout an entire story.

Third person is the he/she/it/they perspective.
With third person, you’ll have a disembodied narrator describing what the characters are doing and what’s happening to them as well as the environment in a photo-realistic sort of way. You don’t see directly through the characters’ eyes but the narrator will often describe the thoughts and feelings of those the story is about.


Now that I’m working on the second book in the BlackRock Valley series, Lucy’s B&B, I’ve switched to first person POV from third person. I did it to try the different styles and see which POV I’m more comfortable with, which I may gravitate towards, and which may be my preferred writing style. I’m not sure I like it. 

Third person with Blaire’s Decision came very naturally. I’m struggling a bit writing in first person with Lucy’s B&B. I’m over halfway through and I’m going to stick it out — because that would be a hell of a chore to edit otherwise — but I think I’ll go back to third person with the third in the series, Delilah’s Path.

For me, the third person POV is easier to describe the scene, it’s easier to give the reader all the senses necessary without it seeming forced in trying to describe the images I want the reader to form in their mind as the characters would see them individually. 

I understand using first person may draw the reader into the story as if they’re living it, and that’s a bonus for a lot of us. But for me, my writing seems to flow better when using third person. I’m able to see the characters and see the scenes much better than if I were “experiencing” it, at least as the writer. 

I may try again with first person POV in the future. I may come to enjoy writing in that POV as much as I do third person. But for now, after Lucy’s B&B is finished — which I’m hoping will be soon and ready for release towards the end of the fall of 2021 #shamelessplug — I’m going back to third person and allowing my writing to flow more naturally.


Your turn:

For you authors, which style do you prefer writing in? Or better yet, which style flows better from your fingers?

For you readers, which style do you prefer reading? Which style seems more natural to you, whether it brings you into the story or not, for you to engage more in the storyline?


Either way you roll, 

Happy reading, Beauties!



  • I’m team third person perspective all the way. I cannot, for the life of me, get my head around first person. I don’t like the way it flows as I’m writing it. The last time I attempted it just did my head in. I ended up scrapping the story altogether 😢

    I also prefer third person as a reader, too. I tend to relate better to characters when their internal monologue isn’t spoonfed to me. I like there to be a certain measure of mystery so I can empathize in a way that makes sense to me.

  • Taylor K. says:

    As a reader, I’ve always been more engaged with first person. It feels more comforting and natural reading from that point of view, and I like experiencing the story from that perspective. But I’ve enjoyed many third persons’ as well, such as Blaire’s Decision!

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