Love at the Beach

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Remote work has its perks.
Like meeting the hot neighbor, being able to take lunch dates on the beach, and working from bed after an exhilarating lovemaking session.

Remote work also has its rewards.
Like finding your true life partner, falling in love, and discovering you don’t want to live without them.

Meet Emma and Landon, two people whose lives parallel in more ways than one. Both working remotely, Emma travels with her freedom while Landon enjoys the long-awaited beach home he’s worked so hard to find.

When they end up next door to each other on a sandy beach in Seabrook, their lives take a route neither of them anticipated.

This is a beautifully straight-forward love story with no major obstacles and no side characters. Just how two people met, fell in love, and learned what it takes to make a future together.


Written for readers 18+

The perfect afternoon read, this steamy romance will take your imagination straight to the beautiful beaches of Seabrook. Can you feel the sun and hear the waves? You will after reading this short Instalove.

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