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Book 2 in the Beckett Brothers Ranch series.


Kellen and Wren fell in love in high school, hoping and dreaming of their forever. But when Wren is forced to follow the path her father set for her, it would seem their forever is cut short, never to exist.

Ten years later when Wren comes back into town, her life is not turning out how she thought it would. Even though she went through law school, conceding to her father’s wishes, coming back to her parents’ home after graduation, she’s still treated like a child and feels there’s no way out of her current situation.

Kellen has spent the last ten years accepting his bachelorhood, knowing no other woman could compare with his Wren. But when he walks into the local pub and finds his red-headed beauty sulking at the bar, his resolve changes, and he vows to never let her leave him again.

Will Kellen be able to give her the life she’s always wanted, or will her father force her hand once again?



Written for readers 18+ for its adult content and explicit scenes.
This is the steamiest of all three Beckett brothers.

It is not necessary to read book 1, Keagan, before reading Kellen. Each brother’s story is a standalone book. Though their stories intertwine and there are references to the other stories in each book, there are no major spoilers.

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