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Book 1 in the Beckett Brothers Ranch series.


Keagan’s¬†path in life has been set since the day he was born. He was born a rancher and will die a rancher. He loves his life, his family, and his ranch. The only thing missing is a woman by his side.

So when the sassy Anna barges into his life and takes charge of his mother’s care, he sees ranch wife potential and will stop at nothing to show her he’s right.

Anna’s¬†work life has been sporadic at best. Full-time work is hard to come by. So when she sees an ad for an assistant at the Beckett Brothers Ranch, she jumps on the opportunity to work around real-life cowboys.

Though she’s not there to be a rancher, she soon learns that ranch life could very well be the life she didn’t know she’d been looking for.


This slow burn cowboy romance is written for readers 18+ for its spicy scenes and adult content.

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