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Book 3 in the Beckett Brothers Ranch series.


Lyric tries hard not to attract the attention of the youngest Beckett brother, but maintaining that hasn’t been the easiest task, especially when an accident befalls one of his helpers and she’s put in close proximity to the hulking cowboy.

She’s no stranger to love and relationships, but the hurts of her past have bruised her self-esteem to a point where she feels undeserving of such things.

Karter has been looking for his soulmate since he first learned what that word meant, but it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for in such a small town where everyone knows everyone.

So when she arrives at his doorstep all on her own, he’s a goner at the first sight of her. She fills his waking moments as much as his dreams at night.

Will Lyric open her heart to the youngest cowboy of the Beckett Ranch and see what real love can look like? Will Karter be able to prove to Lyric that she’s worth the love he wants to give her? Or will their fated hearts be blocked by the insecurities of the past?


Written for readers 18+, this sweet and sexy, slow burn cowboy romance will have you wishing you lived in Harper’s Hill.
It is not necessary to have read books 1 and 2, but to be read in order will give you the best romantic experience.
As always, a HEA is promised and delivered with a bonus epilogue to nicely wrap up the Beckett Brothers Ranch series.

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