Home for the Holidays

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I’ve had a crush on Mason since the day we moved in next door to his family nine years ago, but he’s always been just out of reach. When he went away to college three years later, I thought I’d lost my chance.

But when he comes home for the holidays and sees me all grown up, will he finally see me as something more than just the girl next door?


Sadie was never just the girl next door to me, but she was young and I was leaving soon for college. I couldn’t have left her like that.

Visiting my folks for the holidays, I see how much she’s changed and I see my feelings for her haven’t. But I’ve built a life outside of North Haven. How can I give that up for her? On the other hand, how can I not?




Written for readers 18+ for its adult content.

This holiday-themed short romance will make your heart swell with the sweetness coming off the pages.

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