Delilah’s Path

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Book 3 of the BlackRock Valley series


Her life was set on a path of travel.
His life was established with the business he ran.
Will she give up her travels for him or are they destined to live with a love lost?


Del loves her life on the road; she sees nothing but travel in her future. Her best friend Maggie travels with her as often as her life allows. While making their way to Maggie’s family on one such trip, they have vehicle issues and end up stopping in BlackRock Valley, the only town for a hundred miles that can work on skoolies.

Once there, Del meets an older, wiser, and very handsome hiking guide named Charlie who seems as taken with her as she is with him. But falling in love wasn’t on the agenda. Maggie and Del have a set destination and a specific time frame in which to get there.

Will Charlie convince free-spirited Del to stay with him or will she use the excuse that they’re on different paths?


This can be read as a standalone story but it intertwines with both book 1, Blaire’s Decision, and book 2, Lucy’s B&B, and is better read in the order written.

This HFN story is written for readers 18+, this InstaLove features several sexy scenes and romance enough to have you wishing you lived in BlackRock Valley.