Chasing The Win

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Disc golf might not be your thing, but romance surely is. And there’s plenty of that in this Instalove about a man who needs to be someone he’s not while not being able to be with someone he wants.



Her:  The one thing that matters most to me is being real. Being true to yourself, in my opinion, is the key to a happy life.

So when I meet what I at first think is possibly the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen and he literally changes personas in front of me, the slim chance of getting to know him vanishes into thin air. Immediately turned off, I want nothing to do with him.

I try to keep my distance, but he’s everywhere I turn. Then one day, I glimpse a different side to him. A glimpse, nothing more, but it makes me watch him closer. It also makes my head spin and I no longer know what’s real and what’s an act.

Him:  I’m a pro disc golf player, and as such, I must listen to my sponsors as they’re the ones making me the money. My skill has a lot to do with it, sure, but if I don’t have sponsors, then I’m just a weekend player.

On one particular weekend, I meet the most enigmatic woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Stunningly gorgeous red hair and a smile that would literally light up a room. And for one brief moment, she sees me for who I really am; she sees the me I wish everyone could see.

But in the next moment, the role I play for my sponsors and my fans reveals itself, and it’s very possible I’ve lost the chance to get to know this lovely stranger who only moments before was cheering louder than anyone in the crowd for her twin brother.


Written for readers 18+ for its adult content.

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