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November Writing Month Has Died

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Now that I have your attention, let me explain what I mean by the title of this blog. If you’re active on social media and follow any authors, you may…

Coming back from the depths of writing despair

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  As has been evident, over the past several months my life has been crazy busy. Touching only a moment on the topic, I’ve been studying to become a health…

Self-Care and Why It’s Important

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    Self-care is probably one of the most thoughtful acts we can do for ourselves in this day and age.  Think about it. We are, as a society, always…

Enemies to Lovers, and why we love them

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This month's post comes from our first ever, but not the last, guest blogger. Enjoy!   ___   Enemies to lovers, what an interesting trope! It’s not your typical fluffy…

Schedules and Flexibility: A Paradox? I think not!

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  Recently I had a life-changing event. You may remember my quick note on IG at the beginning of October. This event, which I would like to keep private (thank…

Plotter? Pantser? Somewhere in Between?

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  They're not just for writers, you know? If you’ve never heard these terms before, let me explain my understanding. A pantser is one who flies by the seat of…

Pen Names: To Use or Not to Use?

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This post is mostly aimed at authors, but I think others may also enjoy reading it to get an understanding as to why we use pseudonyms. __________ So… let’s talk…

POVs and Why We Choose Them

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First, a refresher: First person POV is the I/we perspective. It's when, as the narrator, the characters talk about themselves, their opinions, and things happening to them directly, things they…

The Path to Blaire’s Decision

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I rediscovered romance at the beginning of the 2020 shutdown. I found authors with whom I fell in love with their writing, like Hope Ford (highly recommend Scarred Hero) and…

Excerpt from Blaire’s Decision

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Here are two of my favorite excerpts from Blaire’s Decision.  Opening her eyes -- I love this opening scene and thought it was a great way to show the love…
Remy Fisher - The Evolution

The Evolution

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I came up with the idea of Blaire’s Decision after discussing our recent hiking trip and daydreaming about the concept of being able to hike all the time, as in…