Blaire’s Decision

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Books 1 and 4 of the BlackRock Valley series


What would you do if a long lost love came back into your life?
What if there were still feelings involved?
What if you were in a relationship?
These are all questions Blaire is confronted with, Ben wants answers to, and Erica wishes weren’t her current reality.


An old flame that never completely burned out comes back to town after four years, only to find the reason for his return involved with another.

Ben left with no warning, only a straight-from-the-heart good-bye letter that never gave the true reason for his departure, nor did it ever officially break things off.

Blaire grieved for months unable to comprehend his leaving. She found solace exclusively in the outdoors working as a hiking guide, and then eventually with the new hire that eased her way into Blaire’s heart.

Erica fell in love with Blaire almost immediately. She was so vulnerable yet so resilient. She knew there was a history Blaire didn’t talk about, but Erica was determined to bring joy back into her life.


Written for adults 18+, this love triangle features lots of sexy scenes, a little bit of turmoil, and of course a HEA.

Ben’s Story

A Companion to Blaire’s Decision
[The BRV Complete Series is the ONLY place you’ll find Ben’s Story]

I never meant to hurt her. I only wanted to love her.

My leaving was not of my doing, but I was nevertheless leaving her with nothing but a “Dear John” letter written in haste in the back of an SUV driving at incomprehensible speeds. I couldn’t tell her why; it would have been impossible to even try. All I could do was pour out all the feelings I have for her into the words on the pages of that letter.

But now, after four long years, the reason for my leaving is a reason no more, and I can finally return to BlackRock, to my Blaire. Will she give me the chance to explain or will I only be hurting us both all over again?


Written for readers 18+ only for its adult content